Timely Insurance Cloud Automation

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Simple Administration

InSys connects to the local server in real time and automates the processes. No data entry required

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For Brokers

Brokers get their own cloud area to manage their clients, clients' claims and indepth accounting

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For Clients

Each client can view his/her policies and claims, close payments using credit cards and send out claims.

Successful operations strategy

for agency, clients and brokers

InSys is specifically designed to make Insurance processes easier and more profitable. An extremely useful software for insurance broking agents facing the system and process issues. Saving time and making more money on insurance, that's what InSys solutions are all about.

The simple way
To automate collection, notification & cloud backups

Focused on simplicity, InSys brings a fresh approach to building modern, high quality, cloud-based infrastructure

Blocs app preview
Blocs app preview

InDepth reporting dashboard, revealing all data insights for what's currently happening.

Never miss a single detail, all operations summary reports are there for you

Intuitive Syncronize mechanism to replicate your data in realtime. No actions required

Manual or automated syncing, InSys makes sure that your online data matches the offline records

Blocs app preview
Blocs app preview

Send out SMS and Email notifications or marketing campaigns

Personalized messages with monthly bills and short URLs, Group your members into categories and let the system take care of the sending process. InSys can support databases with millions of records. All with open-rate and bounce reports.

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InSys makes accepting online payments easy

Built from the ground up to provide an intuitive, easy to use payment modules so your clients spend less time fiddling and more time closing bills.

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Blocs app preview
Blocs app preview

Beautiful, secure and responsive client/broker areas.

Designed with user-experience methodology in mind. client/broker areas are easy enough to get them hooked within seconds.

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InSys helps your agency
Collect, notify & save money with Painless Operations

Heroic Features

You've only dreamed about.

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Automates the syncing process to your local server in real-time as background cron jobs

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Requires minimum administration interaction, a time saving app by core

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Insanely fast, page load time for admin, client and broker areas don't exceed 1 second.

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Detailed Payments, SMS & Email campaigns reports and open rates.

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100% responsive layout. Just looks perfect on all mobiles, tablets & PCs

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Not only a great app to use, clients and brokers will enjoy looking and using it.

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Even when the local server is offline, the app keeps running flawlessly online.

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Managing marketing & billing campaigns has never been easier

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We've got your back 24/7, InSys is managed by SellandSell amazing peeps.

You don't have to take our word for it.

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